How would you like your Routine Tasks just taken care of?

All the Tasks you never get around to - Done

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HowS your 'TO do list' looking at the moment?

If you are like most people, its overflowing with all those tasks that with the best of intentions you will get around to one day  but the list grows each day and the list of priorities just keeps growing.  If keeping up to date would make a massive difference to your business but you don't have quite enough work to take on staff. Productif is for you.  

The Problem with Regular Offshoring

If you have tried to hire the services of an offshore developer or virtual assistant before, you may have experience the 'communication gap' that can sometimes occur. Sometimes the problems stem from cultural differences but more often the problem stems from a poorly defined brief, poorly defined KPI, expectations and reporting. This leads to a frustration for the remote worker and for the receiver of the work. 

Our People

We are very picky when it comes to choosing the right people. On average we hire one staff member for every 50 applications. 

Each staff member is background checked and invited to complete a sample of work to check their work quality and approach prior to working with our clients. 

Staff take part in regular training via our training libraries to makes sure that their skills are up to date.